Friday, 18 October 2019

Hello, we have had another fun and busy week in Year 2.

In English the children enjoyed creating their own version of Handa's Surprise, they included adjectives and exclamation marks.
Next week, the children will learn time words to create a recount centred on out trip to
The British Museum.

In maths, the children learnt new methods of solving mathematical problems using new resources.
Next week, we will be ordering and comparing quantities for measures and placing numbers on a number line in the correct position and estimate.

In RE, we will discuss and recap this terms topic on why the religious symbols are important to the Hindu, Christian and the Jewish religion.

Throughout the week we will be creating mosaic pictures for our art display, these will relate to the story of Handa's Surprise which we have been learning in English.

Spellings for next Friday are:
Group 1 - that, with, all, we.
Group 2 - great, break, steak, pretty, beautiful, after.

Have a fun weekend
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 11 October 2019

Good afternoon, lovely to see you so many of you at the Harvest Coffee morning.
The children sang their songs beautifully and we have raised lots of money for the Water Aid.

On Tuesday, we had a wonderful time at the British Museum in Hitchin.
The children were extremely well behaved and enjoyed the role play acting as Victorian children.
Please see photos taken below.

Next week

English - the children will create their own version of Handa's Surprise.

Maths - the children will be regrouping numbers in different ways using a variety of methods.

Science - we will be making comparisons when materials are heated up.

D&T -  we will start our topic on making puppets.

RE - we will look at why light an water is an important Jewish symbol.

History - the children will write a recount following their trip.

Spellings for Friday are:
Group 1: for, at, his, but.
Group 2: because, climb, most, only, every, everybody, even.

Have a great weekend,
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 4 October 2019

Good afternoon Year 2,

As you can see from the previous blog the children had a lovely learning experience at Christ Church this morning.

In English, the children used their imagination and created their own version of ‘Rapunzel’.
Next week, we will be looking at the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. The children will create a storyboard and write descriptive sentences. We will be discussing the punctuation including speech marks and exclamation marks.

In maths, the children carried out numerous activities learning to regroup to 10 addition and subtraction.
Next week, the children will generate their own 2-digit numbers, identifying place value using base 10 and coins.

On Tuesday, we are going on our class school trip to Hitchin. We will be having lunch at the British Museum, therefore, please could your child bring in a home pack lunch.
Please ensure this does not include fizzy drinks, glass bottles, nuts or sesame seeds. Thank you.

Spellings for Friday are:
Group 1 – they, on, she, is.
Group 2 – bridge, sledge, badge, huge, strange, change.

Wishing you a fun weekend,
Mrs Beadle

We had a wonderful morning at Christ Church, the children enjoyed learning about Harvest Festival and they carried out lots of fun activities,
Please see photos below.