Friday, 15 March 2019

Hello to all, wow this week has flown by !

Today in school was our Danceathon. The children thoroughly enjoyed dancing for an hour in total-so they have been given plenty of exercise and may be tired.

It has been science week which has given plenty of opportunities for investigative learning, including a workshop on materials. The children had to work collaboratively to investigate a variety of materials and to find out which materials were and were not waterproof. We also researched the scientist Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone.

Next week:

Maths, we will be doubling and halving numbers and coins.

English, we will start our topic on report writing. Our non-fiction book we will be centring our learning on will be 'sharks'.

Science, we will be describing the importance for humans of hygiene, by learning about good hygiene habits.

Art, we will be experimenting colours by mixing water paints.

Geography, we will be looking at local maps to locate where we live in detail along with understanding the symbols and key.

On Friday it is our Mufti Day and children are to bring in an Easter Egg this will be for the Easter Egg treasure hunt or tombola on Friday the 29th March.

Spellings for next Friday are:
Group 1: could, house, old, too.
Group 2: eyes, friends, grandad, than, better, across, really.

Have a great weekend
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 8 March 2019

Good afternoon to all.

We had an amazing Great Fire of London day on Tuesday. I would like to particularly thank all our helpers for their time and support, we really could not have completed all the activities without you. The children carried out numerous tasks including role play and learnt a lot of exciting facts. The children all looked fantastic and were extremely well behaved. I did take lots of photographs and these will be displayed at our class assembly on Friday week, being the 22nd March at 9.00am.

On Thursday we had World Book Day, it was wonderful to see all the different fictional characters in school.  The children enjoyed sharing information on their character and as a class we read the book ‘Beegu’. The children created a detailed story board of their version of the story.

Next week is science week, the children will be learning about a scientist and attend a workshop on materials.


On Tuesday morning (10.30 to 12.00) the children will be having a science workshop as it is science week. If any of you are happy to volunteer to help run the workshop that would be very helpful.

Next week:

In English the children will be writing and practising for their class assembly.
In maths the children will continue with the topic on ‘time’. They will be estimating, ordering and comparing intervals of time.
In RE we will be sequencing the Easter story.

RED NOSE DAY- On Friday it is non-uniform in aid of Red Nose Day. The children are to bring in £1 to wear their own clothes. Little Heath will also be taking place in a dance-a-thon! Year 2 will be dancing in class from 11:00 – 11.30 and with the whole school at 14:15-14:45. 

Spellings for Friday are:
Group 1-their, people, your, put.
Group 2-action, fiction, section, position, reception, nation, solution, station.

Have a great weekend
Mrs Beadle

Monday, 4 March 2019

Following my previous blog relating to Science week, our workshop is now on
Tuesday the 12th March from 10.30 to 12.00pm, if anyone is available to help during this time,
please let me know.
Thank you
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 1 March 2019

Hello, we have had a very busy, fun week back.

Next week

Continue looking at our class book, 15 Things not to be with a puppy, the children will create a poster advertising for a new friend. They will include suffixes, apostrophes and conjunctions along with practising forming their letters correctly.

The children will be telling the time to: o'clock, half past, quarter past and to. They will also practise to become fluent in the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables.

The children will complete various exercises for a minute and record their pulse and heartbeat.

The children will identify the capital cities of the UK and where they live on a map.

We will discuss the Easter story.

Wednesday we have our visitors coming into school. The children will be carrying out various activities centred on the Great Fire of London. If you are a helper during the day, please feel free to dress up to!

Thursday it is World Book Day, children can wear their favourite book character and bring in their book.  We will be discussing the book 'Beegu'.

The following week is science week. On Thursday morning the 14th March, Year 2 have a workshop based on materials, the company would like some parent helpers to support the activities. Please could you let me know if you are available to attend.

Spellings for next Friday are:
Group 1: now, came, oh, about, got.
Group 2: careful careless, fearful, fearless, happy, happily, happiness, colour, colourful, colourless.
Have a great weekend
Mrs Beadle

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Good morning,
I would like to apologise for the delay in not providing examples of costumes on the blog for our visit next Wednesday on the Great Fire of London. I have been informed this morning that the storage for photographs is full therefore, I could not upload any photos.

Please see our example of costumes to wear on our window in the classroom.

Boys clothing: white top, grey trousers tucked in socks, black waistcoat and flat cap
Girls clothing: either black, brown, dark blue skirt. White top, shawl and apron (this could be a pillowcase).

We have extra clothes in the classroom for the children if this helps.
Have a great day
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 22 February 2019

I hope you are all having a wonderful half-term we have been extremely lucky with the weather, l hope it continues!

Please find below a brief outline of the topics the children will be covering over the next term.

We will be reading the story ’15 things not to do with a puppy’. The children will create posters of ideas of what not to do and should do for your teacher! The children will learn commands, apostrophe for contraction and recap suffixes.

Problem solving with addition and subtraction in a range of contexts.

Animals including humans continued.

Where do I live?

Healthy me.

The Lord’s Prayer, The Easter Story, Shabbat and Passover.

Digital media using data.

Pablo Picasso, the children will research the artist and recreate one of the paintings using water colours.

Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning.
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 15 February 2019

Hello, what beautiful weather we have at the moment, lets hope it lasts for half-term!

The children had a fantastic time at the valentines disco last night, there were some very good dancers.

This week the children enjoyed creating calligram and acoustic poems centred on The Great Fire of London.

In maths the children used a variety of equipment to solve the word problems.

In history children finished off their topic writing all what they had learnt on The Great Fire of London.

I will write a detailed blog during the half term of what topics we will be covering for next term.

Home learning is spellings, below are all the common exception words for Year 2 and on the first Friday we are back I will do a spelling test on these words.

door                                        even                                        sugar
floor                                        great                                       eye
poor                                        break                                      could
because                                  steak                                       should
find                                         pretty                                     would
kind                                         beautiful                                 who
mind                                       after                                        whole
behind                                     fast                                          any
child                                        last                                          many
children                                  post                                         clothes
wild                                         father                                      busy
climb                                       class                                        people
most                                        grass                                        water
only                                         pass                                         again
both                                        plant                                       half
old                                           path                                        money
cold                                         bath                                        Mr
gold                                         hour                                        Mrs
hold                                        move                                       parents
told                                         prove                                      Christmas
every                                       improve
everybody                              sure

Wishing you an enjoyable fun half term
Mrs Beadle