Friday, 21 July 2017

A message

Dear Y2 children and parents,
Thank you all so much for the lovely gifts and cards, it really was very kind, myself and my TAs are very grateful.  I hope you all enjoyed your time in Y2 and now, that you've come to the end of KS1, are looking forward to a new adventure in Y3 and KS2.
Have a lovely summer, have lots of fun and read lots.
I will see you all in September.

Mr Spring and the teaching staff.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

A message to the new Y2 parents.

It was nice to see so many of you on Wednesday thank you for coming.

Most of what we spoke about you will already know, behaviour, uniform and so on.

I did warn the parents that it is a bit of a jump into Y2, that we have an awful lot to cover and we start on day 1!

Most of the questions were around what to do over the summer holidays. I suggested that the children should enjoy their summer and the only thing I would ask you to do is read with your children. I can’t stress enough how important reading is.

If you would like to speak to me you can catch me at the end of the day or send an email.

Have a great Summer.

Mr Spring

Friday, 14 July 2017

Our week

Another busy week and the children are starting to flag a little (as well as the teachers and parents!)

We have been doing a lot of English, finishing work and trying to catch up. The children have been writing and replying to letters based around the story ‘Dear Greenpeace.’

The children have also been working on ICT and art, creating a poster of their favourite artiste. The children have been using the internet, creating word documents, practising their typing skills and learning how to copy and paste.

There is a lot going on next week, even though it is the last week of term, there are more details below. I would just like to tell you about our PSHCE lesson, for Tuesday afternoon, which I briefly mentioned in a previous post.

The topic is ‘Changing me’ and the children will learn to recognise the physical differences between boys and girls, use the correct names for parts of the body (penis, testicles and vagina)  and to appreciate that some parts of the body are private. If you would like to know what we will be doing, please come and talk to me.
On Tuesday (an odd day) there is sharing assembly, if your child is involved they have had a letter.

Wednesday during the day is the annual teachers’ vs. year 6 rounders' match; this is always good fun (the teachers usually loose!)

Wednesday afternoon KS1 will have a small end of year party. Please could you supply your child with a small snack, for themselves? We will supply drinks. Children can bring in their 'party' clothes to change into after lunch.

Thursday morning the children will watch the year 6 children perform their play.

Friday, last day of term, is the year 6 leavers’ assembly. We finish school at 2pm. At the end of the day there is the Y6 leavers’ parade. It gets very busy so please could you meet your child near the bike/scooter sheds, thanks.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Spring


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A reminder.

This Friday the Y6s are running their 'Young Enterprise' event. They have various 'services' on offer and we ask that the children bring some small change into school so they can participate in the event.

Mr Spring

Monday, 10 July 2017

This week's spellings

Spellings Gp 1: ‘ious’
anxious             conscious
curious             delicious
furious              glorious
gracious           infectious
mysterious       obvious
Spellings Gp 2: ‘ly’
blindly             bravely
correctly           fairly
hardly              kindly
lively                lonely
proudly             sadly   

Monday, 3 July 2017


Group 1 Spellings ‘ous’

adventurous           dangerous

enormous               fabulous

generous                 humorous

marvellous              miraculous

mischievous           perilous



Group 2 Spellings ‘mis’

misbehave        misfire

mishear             mislead

misplace           misread

misspell            mistake

misuse               misunderstand

Friday, 30 June 2017

This week

Another busy week this week for all of us.
The children have been working hard on looking at letter writing and the rules for such. We have read some books which have letters in them and had a go at firstly writing a postcard and then having a go at writing a letter. The children will continue with this next week.
In maths the children have been learning about symmetry. the children created their own patterns and also copied patterns.
The children used the skills they learnt to create butterflies for the display outside the classroom.

Tomorrow is the school fate, it's going to be a great day and I hope to see you there.

It was good to speak to you all during parent consultations. Please remember if there is anything you need to discuss you can always make an appointment to see me.

The show 'n' tell table for next Friday is the YELLOW table.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Spring.