Friday, 14 December 2018


The children have been really excited this week, there has been so much going on!

I hope you enjoyed the children's performance of 'Born in a Barn'. They worked really, really hard and I'm sure you will agree it was worth it, they were brilliant!
Here are some photographs taken of your amazing children.

The children enjoyed there Christmas dinner yesterday, please see photographs below.

Tuesday afternoon is our Christmas party, a snack and drink will be provided. Children can bring in clothes to change into.

On Wednesday morning the whole school will be watching the annual Christmas pantomime. This year it is 'Rapunzel'.

End of term, just to remind you is Friday and school closes at 2pm.

Have a good weekend
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 7 December 2018

Good afternoon, we have been busy rehearsing for the Christmas concert this week. The children are really enjoying performing and singing. They are very excited for you to come and see them next week.

In maths the children used a variety of resources to support their learning and enjoyed navigating the beebots around the classroom.

Next week, the children we will be recapping all topics taught this term to consolidate their learning.

In English the children created their own version of a personal recount on their favourite lost toy.

Next week, the children will learn to write a calligram which will be centred around Christmas.

I am going to give you a list of changes to the timetable so that you can see what is going to happen over the next 2 weeks.

Sunday 9th Dec     Christmas fayre
Tuesday 11th Dec      Performance to the parents 9.30am
Wednesday 12th Dec   Performance to the parents 1.30pm
                                          Open afternoon for parents 3-4.30pm.
Parents who are at the performance can come straight to the classroom after the show to look at their child’s work and then they can take their child home.
Thursday 12th Dec      Christmas dinner followed by a movie in the hall
Friday 14th Dec            Christmas jumper day
Tuesday 18th Dec       Christmas party 1.30pm
Wednesday 19th Dec  Panto 9.30am

As you can see it is going to be very busy but lots of fun.

Spellings for next Friday are:
Group 1: as, no, mum, one.
Group 2: no, know, new, knew, night, knight, not, knot.

Have a great weekend
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 30 November 2018

Hello, we have had another very busy, fun week in Year 2.

In English the children enjoyed creating a recount and sequencing events from our class trip.

Next week, they will be continuing the topic on recount, this will be centred on the book ‘Dogger’. The children will describe the characters feelings, create a wanted poster along with creating a recount using adverbs of time. The children will finish the week by creating a personal recount.

In maths the children enjoyed learning measurement. They measured a variety of objects around the classroom using different rulers.

Next week, we will be focusing on adding, subtracting, doubling and halving 2-digit numbers using an understanding of place value.

Next week we will be rehearsing for the Christmas Concert. On Wednesday we will be having a full-dress rehearsal, so if possible, could the costumes be in school by then.

Some of the children are dressing up as animals for the Christmas Concert and we will paint their faces accordingly. If you do not wish your child to have his/her face painted (because of allergies) please let us know.

Thank you for all your donations for the Christmas Fayre, they are greatly appreciated.
Each year we make a class Christmas hamper for a raffle prize at the fayre. Could you please send in an item to go into the hamper by Wednesday the 5th December. This can be anything such as chocolates, wine and biscuits.

Spellings for next Friday are:
Group 1: not, then, were, go.
Group 2: here, hear, one, won, sun, son, tail, tale.

Have a restful and happy weekend.
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 23 November 2018

 It was a pleasure to take your children on our school trip to Hitchin museum, your children were exceptionally well behaved.  The children all said they had an amazing fun time, they especially enjoyed role playing and dressing up as Victorian children. 
Please see below some photographs taken.

In English next week the children will be learning to write a recount. This will be centred on our trip to Hitchin museum. The children will create a story map, identify key events and sequence the events using adverbs of time and conjunctions to extend their sentence writing.

In maths we will continue to investigate measuring objects by estimating first then measuring using cubes, rulers and meter rulers.

The children are very excited for our Christmas show and we will now be practising our songs daily, please could your children start to bring in their costumes.

Spellings for next Friday are:
Week 1: went, be, so, some
Week 2:  jar, giraffe, giant, gem, fudge, village

Please come and join me on Tuesday evening at 7 o’clock, if you are available. We are lucky to have an experienced specialist in maths visit us and talk about how to support your child/children at home with maths.
Have a wonderful weekend
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 16 November 2018

Hello, we have had a very busy fun week. The children enjoyed wearing odd socks on Monday for Anti-Bullying and bringing their teddies in today for Children in Need.

In English, the children wrote an explanation on how to make a bicycle move and what is a bicycle. They drew a detailed picture of a bicycle and included a flow chart.

Next week, the children will be practising their lines and songs for the Christmas show along with starting to perform with expression.

In maths, the children completed sums on addition and subtraction using a variety of resources and looking at different methods used to find the answers.

Next week, the children will be using a variety of vocabulary associated with position and movement. Towards the end of the week the children will compare measurements of lengths using centimetres and metres.

Our class trip is on Tuesday
Children will wear their school uniform and we will be having our lunch at the museum so please could your child bring in a labelled pack lunch.

Spellings for Friday are:
Group 1: out, there, this, have
Group 2: father, class, pass, plant, path, bath

Have a great weekend
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 9 November 2018


This week in English the children learnt how to write an explanation text. We looked at a variety of texts and discussed the layout and present tense. The children created their own explanation text on how to work a pencil sharpener.

Next week, the children will write an explanation text showing the stages and process of riding a bicycle along with a labelled diagram and flow chart on how bicycles move.

In maths the children carried out various activities to develop a good understanding on place value using 10p and 1p coins and 10 more or 10 less than a 2 digit-number.

Next week, the children will add and subtract 10, 11, 12, 20, 22 and 30 to any 2-digit number. Along with solving addition and subtraction problems using pictorial representations.

In geography the children learnt what a city is and identified some major capital cities around the world.

Next week they will explore the features of a city.

In science the children enjoyed observing the changes in ice especially when salt was added and collectively created a word bank of adjectives.

Next week the children will learn about Charles Macintosh.

Spellings for next Friday are:
Group 1: all, but, my, her, what.
Group 2: to, too, two, fast, last, past.

Reminder Monday is Sharing Assembly at 9.00am for Sienna J, Isabella, Louis, Costa, Benjamin and Ava.
Next week it is Anti-Bullying week. The theme for this year is to choose respect over bullying. For the first day of anti-bullying week, which is November 12th, we would like the children to wear odd socks to school for ‘Odd Socks Day’.
On Thursday 15th we will be discussing safety on the internet which we will be adapting to suit the age of our children.
On Friday the 16th of November we will be supporting Children in Need. This will be a non-uniform day and the children can bring a teddy into school and a cake for the cake sale after school.
Have a great weekend
Mrs Beadle

Friday, 26 October 2018

We made it – half term is here!

It was lovely to meet you all this week and discuss your child’s progress and how well the children have settled into Year 2.

Throughout the week the children used their imagination and created very detailed finger and hand puppets using a variety of materials. Some of the children found the sewing a little tricky but I was pleased they all persevered and succeeded in sewing their puppet. The children used their puppets to create a story and storyboard along with performing this to the class. The children very much enjoyed expressing their creative imagination.

Home learning
Following on the topic of puppets. I would like the children to create a moving puppet of their choice. We have looked at lots of different ideas. The children will discuss their character and materials they have used to the class.
Date for the puppets to be in by is 15th November 2018.

Next term:

Maths – Handling data, calculating measuring and understanding shape along with knowing and using number facts.

English – Explanations, recount and calligrams.

Science – Materials.

Geography – Life in the city.

R.E. – Muslim prayer and action and festivals including Christmas.

D&T/Art – Weaving and preparing fruit and vegetables.

PSHE – Celebrating difference.

ICT – Communicating and collaborating online.

Group 1 – all, we, can, are, had.
Group 2 – great, break, steak, pretty, beautiful, after.

With the cold weather potentially coming soon, could you please make sure that any extra clothing that comes in (gloves, scarfs, hats, etc.) is clearly labelled.
Please could every child bring in a labelled water bottle.

Have a fantastic half term,
From the Year 2 team.